Sexy Suzy (February 2015)

Hello Dears,

It’s that time of year again. The time for pink and red and hearts and chocolate. Yes, it is almost Valentine’s Day. So, naturally, I felt it was appropriate to talk about suzy

It seems that relationships that share an end goal of love progress naturally. Saying the words “I love you” appears to be the destination of relationships, and those three words are taken seriously, as they should. But how do you know when it’s time to say it? There is no universal love timeline. I am of the opinion that it does not take months upon months to know whether or not you love the one you’re with. As this Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, I offer a different bit of advice: love when you feel it is time. Do not hold back because of fears that it is too soon. Love presents herself differently for everyone. The great poets wrote of the wonders of love just as less great pop singers write of its nature too. Love happens when you least expect it and is not something to fear. As the day that calls for celebrating this action, Love, approaches, I urge you, Dears, to spend a moment in quiet reflection about what Love means to you and how you can best express it so the world feels its wonder.

Sexy Suzy

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