Glass Blowing Has Been Blown Into Winston Salem

Every Friday night Salem students have been traveling to The Olio, the only glassblowing studio in Winston Salem, for glass blowing demonstrations. Viewers sit and watch as two glass blowers, Rebeccah and Sarah, and their apprentices make all kinds of creations out of glass. They make things such as plates, cups, and sculptures.While they make these creations, another Olio employee narrates what is happening, more or less teaching anyone watching the basics of glass blowing.

Margaret Gosinksi. Photo courtesy of

Margaret Gosinksi. Photo courtesy of

Salem students found out about The Olio from Senior Margaret Goscinski. Goscinski interned at The Olio over this past Jan Term. She enjoyed both working there and watching the demonstrates, so she began inviting Salem students to come along.

The glass blowing demonstrations are every Friday night from 5:30 to 7 PM and are free. The studio is located at 840 Mill Works Street #150, a short drive away from Salem. Goscinski recommends that students should go if they have the chance. “Glass blowing is an art format that isn’t seen as [easy] because of the rarity of a working hot shop,” Goscinski said. “By having the only one in the Triad here in West End, we have a unique experience to actually see it.”

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