Coffee Shops Provide Students With A Hideaway From The Cold

Are you taking a class on campus this Jan Term? Are you looking to get away from campus for a bit? If so, you should check out one of the two main coffee shops in the area, Krankies and Caminos.

We have mentioned Krankies in the Salemite before, as it is a popular hangout for Salem students. However, in the hope of helping to relieve the well-known boredom of Jan Term, we started looking at how Salem students spend their time, and it ended up that a lot of students mentioned frequenting Winston-Salem’s coffee shops.

A junior, Emily Scott Cruz, mentioned that she prefers hanging out at and studying at coffee shops significantly more than places here on campus.

“I go to Krankies religiously” Said Scott Cruz. She describes the coffee shop as being a place where work gets done.

Both Krankies and Caminos, the two main coffee shops in downtown Winston-Salem, provide students with a place to both hide out from the cold and do their work.

In addition, Krankies tends to offer a variety of events such as open mic nights and jazz concerts. Both coffee shops also are open for gallery hop and similar downtown events.

While there, Junior Julie Parker recommends Salem students get any warm beverage with cinnamon or hazelnut. Scott Cruz, on the other hand, recommends “either the iced green tea, which tastes like honeysuckles, or just a simple drip coffee.”

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