The JanTerm Experience: “Tai Chi”

Di WangBefore I took Tai Chi during Jan Term, I considered it a type of exercise that is mainly practiced by older people, because the movements are slower compared to other forms of exercises. The reason I took this class is Tai Chi seems very relaxing and I needed to reduce my stress level. I really enjoy the serenity that Tai Chi promotes through gentle, flowing movements. Soon after I started learning Tai Chi, I realized that it is much more than a type of exercise or meditation. Tai chi has many different styles. Each style may have its own subtle emphasis on various Tai Chi principles and methods. It is also a type of philosophy, art, and martial art.

Many Confucian beliefs are also closely related to Tai Chi, such as being humble, not focusing too much on personal gains, and understanding how everything complements and balances one another. I think this is very interesting because it explains how the Chinese culture today is formed, and why many people do not give themselves enough credit and focus on the group as a whole instead of who they are as individuals.

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