Have You Met Audrey Wierda?

Audrey WeirdaIf you’ve ever walked into Strong’s kitchen and smelled something cooking or baking, eight times out of ten, it is  Audrey. Audrey Wierda is otherwise known on this campus as AJ, the ‘Chef for Hungry Souls’. You may be wondering why this particular nickname? Well the nickname is fitting. In fact, it’s actually very literal. AJ is known to feed just about any hungry soul that walks by her. Aside from cooking, AJ has many other passions. She enjoys reading and being outdoors. Her favorite book is The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.

Now, for those of you that have never had the pleasure of getting to know AJ, you may be wondering who exactly she is, here it goes: AJ is an Honors, third-year–senior, majoring in Math and minoring in Not-for-Profit Management. Given her graduating in three short years, we won’t have the pleasure of seeing her for the full four; however, those that know her are excited to send her into the real world so she can rise to her full potential.

AJ has submitted her application to the Peace Corps this semester and is anxiously waiting for a response. Joining the Peace Corps is one of the many aspirations on her bucket list. Being the incredibly outdoorsy person that she is, it comes to no surprise that one of AJ’s dreams is to work in Yosemite National Park. Amongst these dreams, exists AJ’s dreams to one day be a bartender, eventually go to culinary school, skydive and travel all over the world.

If you’ve not yet met AJ, please do so. You have my word that you are missing out! To get to know AJ Wierda, take a detour from your usual class-to-dorm walk and find the exciting secret places on campus that AJ likes to spend her time in!




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