Salem Students Rock Out At Open Mic Night

This fall Incunabula, Salem’s literary magazine, hosted its annual Open Mic Night on Clewell Patio. Each year Incunabula hosts an Open Mic Night to introduce first-years to the magazine.

In addition, they used the event this year as a fundraiser. They sold donated books for a few dollars. The catch, however, was that the buyer did not know what book they were buying. They only knew a few keywords about it, as it was a “mystery book sale.” The fund from the sale will go to the printing of the magazine and prizes for the Winter Competition.

Both traditional and Fleer students performed at the event. Poems, prose pieces, and several musical performances were presented, including a band.

Sophomore Peyton Ellis enjoyed the Open Mic Night and said that she wished that Incunabula “would host even more Open Mic Nights.”

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