The Pierettes Present “Anton in Show Business”

The Salem College Pierettes presented their fall play, Anton in Show Business, from September 25-27 this year.

Peyton Parker, Kerri Hughes, and Sarah Vick play actresses at different stages of their careers all working on the same production. Photo courtesy of Chelsei Crotteau.

The play followed the lives of show business members such as actors, producers, directors, and critics. While the play was enjoyable overall, the plot was difficult to follow due to the introduction and change of many characters. The emotional scenes felt rushed as well. However, the production’s comedic moments were the highlight of the night.

The main characters Lisbette (Sarah Vick), Casey (Peyton Parker), and Holly (Kerri Hughes) portrayed the depth wonderfully and kept the audience entertained for the entire production. In addition, Margaret Stringer as Joby was delightfully sarcastic and witty. All of the other roles were very well done as well.

The jobs done by the hardworking tech crew went seamlessly from one scene to the next with excellent lighting. Overall, this production was well executed and entertaining.

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