Café Concerts Rock the Student Center

This year, CAB (Campus Activities Board) is introducing something new: Café Concerts. CAB is having musicians of all types of genres from various places come to Salem’s campus to perform for students each Thursday.

The Café Concerts are similar to last year’s Live at the Lily, which they are replacing, but they bring something new to the table that Live at the Lily did not have. The concerts are held in the new student center Café, which allows the performers to get up close and personal with students.

CAB invited country duo David and Whitney to perform at the second week of school. The pair have traveled all over the United States performing at different schools, but Whitney remarked that she really liked Salem in particular. She said that the students were just so energetic and involved that it made the night “awesome.”

David and Whitney performed a few of their own songs, but they mostly took requests from students. They even did a few Disney songs much to the delight of those listening. Students sang along to majority of the set. A few of them even danced in their seats.

To attend one of the Café Concerts, keep an eye out for Emily Long’s emails. She sends out calendars detailing who the performers are and what day they are performing.

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