Fall Fest Through the Eyes of the First Years

The class of 2018 set foot on campus in August and seem to feel very included in all of the events that have been happening on campus. The first years, along with getting adjusted to campus, have expressed that they feel inclusion with many of the events that they have attended on campus.

Along with getting adjusted to campus life at Salem, one of the biggest jobs in the first year class is Fall Fest Chair, taken on by Utang Enyenihi. Fall Fest is one of the biggest events on campus throughout the year because it brings the classes together and helps us understand the sisterhood by working together as a class. Utang gladly took on this job and seems excited about it every time that I speak with her about the job of Fall Fest Chair and Fall Fest in general.

Utang, first year Fall Fest chair, describes how she feels included in everything so far, how the friendliness of her Salem sisters has overwhelmed her, and how excited she is for Fall Fest.

Utang Enyenihi explains to me, “I love how friendly all the upperclassmen have been about Fall Fest. Monique has been a lifesaver.” Utang’s spunky attitude and her superb organization makes her perfect for Fall Fest Chair for the first year class!


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