Destined to Attend a Women’s College

By Kristen Maikoo

Aspiring to attend a women’s college since the beginning of her application process, Caroline McMahon, a current First Year, appreciates the close-knit community, compact campus, and the uplifting environment, but it’s the “historical atmosphere” that most appeals to her. McMahon’s mother as well as her sister are Salem alumna which spurred her own decision to become a part of one.Caroline McMahon

Upon arriving to Salem, McMahon found that the other students on campus are friendly and approachable. “I don’t feel like there are that many boundaries between students, like, you could just talk to anybody!”

Additionally, coming from a Catholic high school, she notes the professors’ teaching styles.

“They can teach it the way they intended to teach it. They don’t have to censor certain things.”

As the school year begins, she adjusts to classes longer than an hour, new found free time in between classes, and relying on the syllabi. For McMahon, the entire new college experience has been interesting, albeit the minor bruises she has endured in the process of climbing into her dorm bed. “It’s just too high,” she laughs.

Hailing from Knoxville, Tennessee, homesickness does overcome her briefly, though, she enjoys and anticipates the opportunities and traditions that Salem has to offer. As McMahon awaits the Big/Little reveal, she mentions that she feels a connection with the junior class because they are the first returning class that she met. “It’s fun to be around the Big class.”

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