Zines! Zines! Zines!

Over the summer Junior Sara Tolbert created her own zine. She drew, produced, printed, and distributed it all by herself, which took a lot of time. In fact, she says it took her almost the entire summer.

However, even though the project took up so much of Tolbert’s time, she does not regret it. It was an emotional experience for her that allowed her to explore options for after Salem. Additionally, it helped to uplift her mood and spirits, as she had felt discouraged about her art career during the previous school year.

Tolbert feels that finishing the zine was the best thing she did this past summer. She would like to do more things like this zine and is already planning on making more copies or even a second volume.

When asked about what she wants to do after graduation, Tolbert said that she wants to help people through art. “I want to work for nonprofit…I want to impact someone’s life like…the arts impacted me.” said Tolbert.

Check out Tolbert’s zine at Krankies on East Third Street, as she left some copies there for the community to read. Also, keep your eyes out for the future works from her, as more are coming soon.

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