An Inside Look at the Pierrette’s Fall Play

One of the most exciting things about the fall semester is the Pierrettes Fall play. Last year they put on “On the Verge,” a play about three women who travel in time. “On the Verge” was fantastic and had people laughing throughout the entire play, and it is looking like the Pierrettes play, “Anton in Show Business,” for this year will be do the same.

“Anton in Show Business” is a play about a group of actors who are putting on “Three Sisters,” a play written by famous Russian playwright Aton Chekhov. “Aton in Show Business,” however, was not written by Chekhov, but rather by someone named Jane Martin. No one knows though just who Jane Martin is, as her name is a pen name of several different members of the Actor’s Theater of

As of now, the Pierrettes are working on learning lines and rehearsing, but they will be needing help in the near future. They always are looking for volunteers to help with set painting, tech work, box office and concession sales.

The club members are excited for the production. Natasha Walker, Pierrettes president, is particularly excited about how interested the first year students are in the show.

Walker said “Besides the show, I am most excited about the participation of the first years…They are a really great group and I can see great things happening in their theatre careers to come.”

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