Sexy Suzy: Let’s Talk Pronouns (September 2014)

Hello my dears.

You know what’s really sexy?

Using proper pronouns: Her, Him, Shim, They, Xe, Thon, Jee, Jeir, Jem, Ve, Zhe, Zher, Zhim.

Before you scratch your head and say “what?” let me explain a lil’.

Even though Salem identifies as a women’s college, not all the students identify as female. While this subject is touchy due to Salem’s transgender policy, we’re not just talking about students who identify as transgender.

I’m talking about every single student on this campus. There are students who identify as genderqueer, genderfluid, female, male, and a whole other range of gender identities.

So we all have different pronoun and gender preferences. There’s nothing wrong with that. The language of love isn’t gender specific, dearies. It uses all pronouns.

If you don’t know someone’s preference, ask. But do it politely. If you’re nervous about asking, you can also listen to those around you, pick up on the pronouns they use. No matter what you choose to do, just make sure to be respectful and polite.

People’s gender expressions are their personal choice, and we have to respect them. After all Salem is home for a lot of people, and everyone deserves to be comfortable at home.

So, get to using those right pronouns. There’s nothing better than having your lover whisper your name, the right name, when you’re together, after all.


Sexy Suzy

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