We Love Big/Little: Fall Fest Crafting Tips

First Years: Dip into your knowledge of your Big’s favorite things to create a poster she’ll love. Some examples from past posters include incorporating a favorite movie quote or character, drawing pictures, writing their name, and many more!

Sophomores: It’s cooler time! Traditionally, Sophomores paint coolers to present on Fall Fest day. Although painting a cooler may seem daunting, if you begin early, don’t fret! A really fun project is undergo.There are many resources and how to guides available online just by googling the words “cooler painting how to guide”. Another valuable resource is the Facebook group, “Cooler Connection,” which you can join by request. This group can inspire fabulous ideas for an awesome cooler and provides many tips and tricks for the trade.

Juniors: You know what to do! New Big Sisters normally create fabulous posters for their Littles, incorporating their favorite things. Additionally, many Big Sisters choose to buy or craft their Littles additional gifts for Fall Fest. Some gift ideas include: stationary, letters, water bottles, family t-shirts, and others! A helpful resource for this would be the Facebook group, the “Big/Little Connection.” You can join by request and view various craft ideas from Bigs and Littles all over the nation. Just tap into your creative side, and you’ve got this!

Seniors: During their Senior year, some Bigs also paint coolers or other gifts to present to their Littles on Fall Fest day. The resources above can be used for your coolers or gifts, too.

Good luck, and HAPPY CRAFTING!

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