Salem’s New Community Garden

Students from Community Organizing and Environmental Studies classes have big plans for a community garden here at Salem. These students are in the process of establishing a garden that has long been supported by much of the student body.

Initially, the herb garden outside the refectory will be revitalized and organic gardening techniques will begin to be used. There are future hopes for a larger garden next to Gramley, but as this plot is part of the historic district, permission must first be obtained from Old Salem’s historic governance board.

The garden will be maintained through joint efforts by various clubs on campus, including The Circle, Eco Club, and Rotaract. Additionally, any student is welcome to work in the garden without being affiliated with a club. In the future, leadership of the garden may be inherited by representatives from each participating club.

AJ Wierda, a student from the Community Organizing class, says that despite the challenges, the garden has been a positive experience. “It is wonderful to get together with like-minded people and harness all of the energy towards something good and hands-on,” she said.  She identified the tasks of organizing meetings, coming up with ideas, and making plans as the biggest challenges. “But,” she said, “it is worth it.”

If you are interested in being part of Salem’s new community garden, be sure to keep your eyes open for meeting and planting dates.

By Shelby Hammerstein

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