Salem Elections: Candidate Biographies

President of Student Government Candidate #1 

Evelyn Bradley, Class of 2015

Majors: English & Education

I feel as though the best way to explain who I am and why I should be elected is to begin with something we are all familiar with:

True is our love, oh Salem,

Thy name we proudly own,

Thy joy of comradeship is here

Thy spirit makes us one.

The final verse of our Alma Matter embodies the essence of Salem’s true spirit, and is what I believe to be the heart of what I wish to accomplish as SGA president. Salem was founded on the idea of women working together for the betterment of their community of women. We as a student body represent what Salem is becoming and it is our job as members of this community to grow Salem together. It is in this same spirit that I am asking for the permission to represent our student body. I wish to reflect the collective initiative that is at Salem’s foundation and reignite the understandings we were built upon. It is the spirit of Salem that “makes us one” and it is in that same spirit of oneness that I wish to move our institution forward. “Strong are thy walls” and stronger still, is our bond. Who am I, Evelyn Bradley; friend, educator, English major and most importantly proud sister of Salem.

My favorite word at the moment is a Greek word. Often use to describe doing something with soul, creativity, or love; meraki, is my favorite word because it thoroughly describes the way in which I purse things. Anytime I commit to something I do so with fervor, passion and the utmost meraki. This word is different from simply being passionate because it reflects true weight of what it means to put ones all into a particular project or idea. I am a firm believer in putting ones all into what you are doing and this word captures the true heart of that idea.

That said, I have five major projects I wish to work on if elected:

  • Getting a student representative on the Board of Trustees.
  • Continue working with the Alumni Board to bridge the gap between Salem’s past and Salem’s future.
  • Encouraging Salem Spirit by redefining sisterhood and creating spaces where peer mentorship is encouraged
  • Working with the College Advisory Board in order to improve transportation opportunities for students in Winston-Salem and to help create an environment in which young people want to live, work, and spend quality time. .
  • Continue working to obtain Library hours/available study spaces that reflect the true needs of the student body.

The world issue that concerns me the most is the inequality in accesses to a quality education. Yes, I am aware that as an education major I am somewhat biased. However, take a look at world hunger, human trafficking, and even access to health care for example; all of these world problems are solvable when people are given access to a proper education. Resources, be them food or human life, are distributed among those who have the opportunity to learn. I am a firm believer in knowledge holding power and it is in those areas of the world where education is the focus that individuals prosper. It is important to note that education is a blanket term that encompasses one’s ability to possess knowledge as well as usable skills and a platform in which to elevate social status. It is not simply one’s ability to read and write. Education is extremely powerful and it concerns me so deeply because it is the one thing that is easily and most often overlooked. It is given freely to those who are affluent and haphazardly disrupted to those who have no other way of propelling themselves forward. Feeding people is important; teaching them how to feed themselves, will save their lives, and the lives of their children.

President of Student Government Candidate #2

Amber Padgett, Class of 2015

Major: Psychology

Minors: Women’s Studies, Statistics, & Economics

I’m Amber Padgett, rising senior psychology major.

“It’s the first followers that turn a lone nut into a leader” -Derek Silvers: How to start a movement. I believe that we over-glorify the leader. We are in a society that has the need to be able to pinpoint who the “spokes-person” is. But a good leader de-centers this idea by putting different people at the front depending on there strength on the issue. A good leader isn’t in it for personal power. A good leader doesn’t even give others power. A good leader reminds you that you already have your own power. A good leader works with you to help lift up the teams strengths. Leadership is about aligning people for the common good. It’s about clearly communicating goals and establishing direction. Most importantly to the situation of SGA President, a good leader is motivating and inspiring. I believe I understand and encompass both the skills of a good leader and good follower. I am ready to lead Salem into a strong, revolutionary future while keeping true to tradition and the core message of Salem.

I would personally like to see alignment of clubs and organizations between the surrounding school systems. I believe that making connections is exceptionally important to the development of organizations and Salem College as a whole. I would also like to really encourage sustainability on campus. Salem has often been the instigator of change and I believe that sustainability is really important to the future of Salem as well as the entire community. Mostly, I would really like to create more of an equal opportunity for everyones voices to be raised up and provide a new light that can help new leaders to shine.

I’m not a woman of favorites but an important and meaningful word in my life is Awesome. Defined as: inspiring an overwhelming feeling of reverence. Awesome means a lot to me because it’s my go to word. It never fails to put a smile on someone’s face, and depending on the context, it can be a very uplifting and powerful. It’s the perfect way to remind our Salem students that they are awe inspiring and unique.

The world in general concerns me the most. Sustainability and environmental pollution is killing billions of people and puts everyone at risk. The hierarchical system that many countries live in is oppressing many people and choking there voices. Overall, the world concerns me and it needs a revolution.

President of Student Government Candidate #3

Megan Taylor, Class of 2015

Major: Communication

Minor: History

My name is Megan Taylor and I’m a junior, Communication major with a minor in History and Marketing. The role of the SGA President is a role of service. I have spent time serving, Salem College and the Winston-Salem community. I have seen how powerful giving back and serving others can affect others.  Growing up, I was a Girl Scout, eventually earning the Girl Scouts’ highest recognition, the Gold Award. Throughout my three years at Salem College, I have been blessed with many opportunities to serve others. Since the second half of my sophomore year, I have been the President of the Rotaract Club, growing the club’s membership and leading successful volunteer opportunities, both for the club and for campus. Before that, I was the head of Public Relations and secretary for the club. Other opportunities include being the Chair of the Communications Committee for the 2nd annual Center for Women in Business Women’s Conference and a two year member of the Ethics Bowl team. Currently, I am a co-chair of Fremdendienerin, Honor Guide, and staff reporter for The Salemite. As for my work in the Communication department, I am working with Dr. Dykers on broadening News 1772 Productions and creating a YouTube channel to broadcast videos and news about Salem College. Lastly, I serve through various honor societies, such as Mortar Board, Omicron Delta Kappa, Alpha Lambda Delta, and Pi Gamma Mu. I look forward to serving Salem and the students in any ways that I can next year. Salem has amazing 242 years of history, filled with traditions, and I feel blessed to be a part of all the wonderful things going on and excited to see what the future holds.

To better serve Salem next year, there are a few initiatives I would like to expand upon, starting with the power analysis and the need for more clarification.  Also, I would want to work towards giving class representatives more training and information on what their responsibilities include. The representatives are serving their classes and need to know the distinction between things that need to be brought to SGA and what things that don’t. More instant and quick communication between the representatives as well as SGA and the students need to happen more frequently. Lastly, there needs to be a better system for clubs and organizations in handling fundraisers, gaining funds, and creating more sustainable leadership. Coming from a club leadership background, I have felt the stress of waiting for a fundraiser to be approved and the stress of not having a way to access club funds and making online transitions. There needs to be a more structured system for clubs and organizations to go about these types of procedures. There is also a need for proper leadership tools and training to help create sustainable leadership within campus activities, allowing for the senior class’ legacy of leadership to be carried out.

Winston Churchill once said, “Never, never, never, never give up.” Well, my favorite word is never. I know, that might sound a little strange, but I believe you should never give up, never stop working hard, and never be ashamed of who you are and what makes you unique. The students have so much to offer and so many diverse talents and backgrounds. Everyone’s background is important and needs to be embraced. That is what makes the diversity of this campus so special and it’s time we start embracing each other’s differences and celebrating them. Students are the voices of Salem, so why not come together and make a difference? Instead of putting each other down, it’s time we lift each other up and bring excitement and interest back into our activities. This campus is a special place, with our 242 years of history and traditions, and there are amazing changes happening, so why not celebrate them and celebrate each other?  Because, if we never stop embracing each other and never stop celebrating all the hard work and amazing things happening right here, we will always be Salem strong.

I am most concerned about the issues surrounding Ukraine and Russia and the protests in Venezuela. Earlier today I was reading an article on where the Ukraine interim leader says peace is still possible as Russian troops stage drills nearby. For both of these situations I believe peace is still possible, but there is no easy answer as to know to achieve this peace. No matter what issue is in the world or who is fighting who, I have always thought “why can’t we all live in peace and get along? Wouldn’t that be nice?” Instead, governments step in and try to change things and sometimes harm people. I think with both of these situations people need to be given a voice, whether they are in leadership, power, the military, etc. and these voices need to be heard, because a “never occurred idea” about peace and how to achieve it could be found.

Vice President of Student Government Candidate

Talitha Schroeder, Class of 2015

Major: Mathematics-BS

Minor: Statistics

I have served this past year as the fundraising chair for CHANGE and as the Class of 2015’s president. Next year instead of working just with my class I hope to reach out to other classes and strengthen the community though my position as the SGA Vice President. I have a head on my shoulders and am a diligent worker as shown through my dedication as a lead organizer for the Contra Collaborators. I also can be a spastic passion driven artistic math major with a plethora of interests that I think can be well applied to the vice presidency.

Well I think Layne Poplin did a bang up job this past year. So at the minute I can’t really foresee what I might want to work on, but I feel as though my efficiency and analytical thinking skills could be put to use when working with the executive and legislative boards; to improve processes where they need improvements.

Axiom. Mmmm, yes doesn’t that just roll off your tongue “axiom”? No, no it doesn’t. It’s a rough, slightly awkward word to say but I very much enjoy what it means. Axioms, used heavily in math, are a foundation building statements, using undefined terms (nouns and verbs), that are taken and “obvious” rules with out question. They are so appealing to me because they establish inarguable rule and order which can be a beautiful thing when trying to organize in chaos.

Right now I’m rather concerned with all that is happening in Venezuela and Ukraine, but I hope that has cleared up soon. Before the war threatening issues arose I find myself to be most concerned with climate change/environmental issues. The resources on this earth are valuable and it is a world issue and problem that they are dwindling.

Secretary of Student Government Candidate

Megan Cook, Class of 2016

Major: Political Science

Minors: History & Economics

I am a very active student on Salem’s campus, especially in student government. I was Class Vice President my first year and Class President my sophomore year. These positions have helped me enhance my leadership skills and allowed me to be able to conduct business with multiple groups on campus. I am also an active member in Rotaract and Vice President of the Young Americans for Liberty chapter on campus. I am a very organized student and I strive to give 100% effort to everything I do. I really just want to see Salem improve, so that it will grow and prosper in the future.

I think that Salem definitely has a lot great aspects that I would like to make sure continue, but I can also see some minor improvements. As the SGA Secretary, I personally would like to see class representatives communicate with the SGA before meetings to make sure that answers are top quality and can also be recorded in a more organized and timely fashion. As a leader on campus in general, I would like to work on the improvement of student life on campus. I know that this will hopefully contribute to current issues of retention, which should be a top priority next year.

My favorite word is bliss. Bliss means that a person has reached a state of perfect happiness, and in return is typically so as to be oblivious of everything else. I was first asked what my favorite word was in high school. I had no idea, but I just happened to be watching Mrs. America that night, and listened to what the goals were of each contestant. I though my goal would be to be happy, and the highest level of happiness is Bliss. My goal as SGA Secretary is to help everyone achieve the level at Bliss whether it is at Salem or because of Salem down the road in life.

Which world issue doesn’t concern me? There are many issues that concern me, but I think that the issue in Ukraine and Venezuela really affect me the most right now. People rights and civil liberties have been taken away by their governments, and are left to sacrifice their lives while trying to peacefully protest. Most of these protesters are our age, which really makes me concerned and also hopeful that our generation will make a difference through out the world. Ukraine has received a lot of attention world wide due to Russia’s reaction (crazy scary), but I feel as if Venezuelans are pushed to the side.

Treasurer of Student Government Candidate

Juyoung Shin, Class of 2016

Major: Biology

Minor: Chemistry

My name is Juyoung Shin but as most people know, I usually go by Ju. Although I have never been a treasurer before, I have experience with handling money and budgeting. In addition to that, I have served my fellow students in different roles during my two years at Salem. With my experience and my genuine love for Salem and its people, I believe I would make a good treasurer for the student body.

I would love to see Salem become a more inclusive community for all. I hope to help create a space where those who feel excluded realize that they are a part of our community and that their voices are heard. Having such an environment will allow everyone to feel included and participate fully.

I do not have favorites but if I had to have one, my favorite word would have to be “cute.” The word “cute” holds a space place in both my heart and brain. I frequently use it to describe many things including people and events. I gravitate towards this particular word because its different definitions are appropriate for different circumstances yet they all have positive meanings or connotations.

Polarization of wealth, rights, and privileges is the issue that concerns me the most. As human beings, we all deserve equal opportunities, or at least equal starting lines. Unfortunately, that is not the case in this world currently. However, I believe that there is hope that together we can get closer to the world as it should be.

Honor Council Chair Candidate #1

Virgina Sparkes, Class 2015

Major: Political Science & Communication

I’m a rising senior, currently sailing round the world, who loves guitar, ukulele, and reading. I should be elected because I’ve served as a class representative for honor council, as honor council secretary, and even as chair for a brief period of time! So obviously I’m well versed in how the honor council works and I want to help it keep working well. I’m enthusiastic and I can get stuff done! I hope you can help me by voting.

Nothing major, just would like to help the honor council have a visible role on campus. I’m passionate about self-scheduled exams and the other benefits the honor code upholds. I believe in justice and equality. More than anything I’d like feedback on what you want from the honor council.

Photosynthesis! It’s an awesome word, it has all the cool sounds you want out of a word and it means plants being green and stuff! Say it, right now, I dare you! Now don’t you feel better? That’s because it’s the most awesome word ever. Photosynthesis.

The lack of Salem College students who vote in SGA elections! We are so lucky to have this kind of democracy. When you vote you are voting not just for an individual, but also for this system that gives you a voice. Voting is quicker and easier than ever before, it is your duty and responsibility as a part of Salem’s community and refusing to participate is an expression of indifference about your college, your community, and yourself. If you don’t support any candidate then leave it blank, but you can still click ‘vote’. People fought for Salem’s existence, for women’s education, and for democracy, so let’s show them respect by voting to keep our voice.

But also poverty. Which is kind of obvious really, but I don’t believe the answer is money and I don’t believe the only kind of poverty is financial. I believe that infrastructural change is necessary rather than giving poor communities stuff like toothbrushes or pencils. Until now we’ve been focusing on capitalist solutions to a social problem. It’s easy to give away stuff to poor communities, but they don’t need material possessions, they need a government who provide a safety net, they need jobs, they need empowerment to get themselves out of poverty, they need a complete system overhaul, not just a pair of shoes.

Honor Council Chair Candidate #2

Sarah Paige, Class of 2015

Major: Biochemistry

Hello, I’m Sarah Paige! I am currently an off-campus junior. I believe that I am qualified to be elected Honor Council Chair because I firmly believe in implementing Salem College’s honor code and encouraging others to do the same. Additionally, I served on the honor council my first year at Salem so I have the experience to lead the future council. Lastly, I know I am qualified to be Honor Council Chair because I am extremely altruistic and dedicated to achieving justice.

If elected Honor Council Chair, I would like to see the campus become more unified by encouraging respect for others in the presence of opposing differences. I think this could be achieved by increasing interaction between people with differences through organized forums or and social events to create dialogue between these groups

My favorite word is understanding. I like this word because it describes, not only a trait that not only brings people closer together, it also describes a virtue to be sought after.

World poverty and hunger are world issues that concern me the most because they are linked issues that the world has resources to resolve, we just have to be dedicated to finding and implementing a plausible solution.

Secretary of Honor Council Candidate

Amber Lee, Class of 2015

Major: Biochemistry

Minor: Mathematics

I am a member of the class of 2016 and am currently serving as Secretary of the Honor Council. I served as representative to the Honor Council in the 2012-2013 academic year and in the fall of 2013. I have experience on the council and would like to continue to serve the Salem community as a member of this organization..

If I received this position I would continue to uphold the Salem honor tradition and encourage the values of honesty, integrity, and civility, in our community. I will continue current efforts to make sanctioning processes more fair and equitable for accused students and to maintain the effectiveness and efficiency of the hearing process.

I do not have a favorite word, but my least favorite word is “cusp” for no logical reason. I have no fun, philosophical answer to this question.

I am currently concerned with the issue of women’s reproductive agency here in the United States and in the larger world. Issues such as this are particularly relevant to all of us as members of a global community of women. This reproductive agency applies to the rights of women to have control of their physical, mental, and emotional well-being related to sexuality and reproduction. Congrats if you’ve read this far.

Chair of Judicial Council Candidate #1

Rosyln Nixon, Class of 2015

Major: Psychology

Minor: Political Science and Communications

I am about to be a Senior at Salem college class of 2015, I am currently a member of Salem College Volleyball team, and I have previously had experience on the Judicial Council as Secretary. I believe I should be elected to serve as chair to have a chance to continue to change the face of the Judicial Council and the critical role it plays here at Salem College.

I would like new rules and or regulations to be administered to Salem Students in an informal and creative way, during my time as Secretary I began discussion about this possibly coming into effect with Leslie Rogers, and Dean Barr. As Chair you have a lot more direct communications with the students and that is something I look forward to as well. A possible change I would like to make is communication throughout the classes about the rules and regulations here at Salem, by conversing with one another Salem Sisters can share wisdom and help each other avoid making decision that will send them to the council.

My favorite word is fear as crazy as that may sound, but not for the reason you may be expecting. Its my favorite word because recently while watching the movie After Earth I head a quote by Will Smith that has changed my life he said; “Fear is not real, the only place that fear can existence is in our thoughts of the future, it is a product of our imagination causing us to fear things that do not at present and may not ever exist. That is near insanity. But do not misunderstand me Danger is very real, but fear is a choice.” As a college student we are made to believe that we should fear the future, fear the job market, fear life and living on our own, we should fear leaving our parents or finding a mate for the rest of our lives. Well the fear stopped after that quote. It is a choice to be fearful of things that may not ever happen, I am not insane and I will not be crippled by events that have not even come to past. I am going to live, enjoy life, fall 9 times and get back up 10. But I will make a choice I will be weary of danger, but I will not be afraid.

I would have to say the violation of Women’s Rights is a world issue that concerns me the most. As a member of the Model United Nations club, and class we have seen these injustices come up time and time again. I believe right now is the time to educate, provide financial assistance, and help nurture the women of the world until they are able to live their choice of a truly fulfilling life. I read in a Women’s Study that $13.6 billion dollars is lost every year from the economy due to the absence of women, as you all can imagine I am sure that number does not even come close to telling us what all else is lost. As a women being educated at an all Women;s institution I feel it is my duty to push this issue, not allowing it to become entangled and forgotten behind the tittle of Human Rights. In the words of Mary Wollstonecraf “I do not wish them [women] to have power over men; but over themselves.”

Chair of Judicial Council Candidate #2

Janelle Crawford-Williams

Class of 2015

Major: Criminal Studies

Minor: Philosophy and Sociology

I probably used to be the biggest hot head my first year coming into Salem and I understand that I am not perfect and still have some changes that need to occur. But for the most part I am a very well rounded individual. I am very firm when it comes to laying down the rules but I remember to empathize with people. I will be able to bring many positive factors to the table and make sure that when needed the job will always get done!

If i received this position then I would know what needs to be changed because I will be able to analyze any holes in the way things are being implemented.

Hungry – hungry is my favorite word because I put it into context where it relates to my drive and motivation to get things done. It reminds me of how I should always apply myself 24/7 but never get to comfortable. The hungrier I am school and work wise gives me better results. Honestly, in my household we’re always hungry and I know that I want to get my family out of those living conditions so I constantly flashback to how I felt and feel because my family is still living the way they do and tell myself if I do not remain humble and hungry I will not make it.

Laws that are put into play is what concerns me the most. Laws that relate to the Criminal Justice System; mainly because there are many inequalities within the justice system as well as this notion of rehabilitation I feel as though society is more focused on putting a negative label on this individuals that they are not formally and effectively rehabilitating them.

Chair of Judicial Council Candidate #3

Cydney Joyner, Class of 2015

Major: Political Science

Minor: Economics

My name is Cydney Joyner. I am a junior and a Political Science major with a concentration in International Relations as well as a Pre-Law student. I am currently the junior class representative on the judicial council. I believe that I am fully qualified for this position because as a member of the judicial council as well as an intern for the Forsyth County District Attorney’s office, I am well versed in both the judicial system here on campus and outside of campus. I have a passion for the judicial process, the justice system and student conduct system. After I graduate from Salem I plan to go on to law school and eventually join the judicial community as a judge. Judicial Council chair will be an excellent way for me to continue my involvement on this campus as well as a way for me to prepare for my future career.

I would first and foremost like to see the judicial system at Salem College gain more respect from students and faculty. If I received this position I would make sure to treat all cases fairly and justly. I would like to see some procedural changes in order to assure probable cause in all cases and to protect each and every students’ rights to a fair and speedy hearing process.

My favorite word is fabulous. Fabulous is just the greatest and most complementary adjective you can use to describe anyone or anything.

The world issue that is most concerning to me is international terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD). I think that the possibility of WMDs in the hands of non-state actors poses the most significant and immediate threat to international security in an increasingly globalized world.

Secretary of Judicial Council Candidate #1

Jasmine Shabazz, Class of 2015

Major: Accounting

My name is Jasmine Shabazz. I am an upcoming senior, captain of the basketball team, and a member of the accounting club. I should be elected because I am aware of the activities that students like and dislike. Most importantly, I know how to make them better, what to offer, and the appropriate time to offer them. I have a few ideas of my own that would make next year a better year for getting more students and people involved in student activities.

I would like to see some activities have a better turn-out ratio. For example, the parties we host have very few people come. Also, there should be activities that take full advantage of the weather, like, a water balloon fight on the soccer field. The carnival idea was a good choice but I could move the location of it to the soccer field or a place with more space so people can move freely in a small area.

My favorite word is confidence because it means being comfortable in my own skin and doing my own thing. It is something deep inside me that lets me know that anything that I work hard enough for I can attain. Also, It is needed in every aspect of my life, such as, sports or work. It gives people assurance that I am about my business and can do whatever my job entails. Confidence isn’t just a word to me. It is something that I need to help change the world or someone’s world. I want to be that inspirational figure someone looks up to. The requirement for that position is CONFIDENCE.

The world issue that concerns me the most is women’s rights because it is the most underrated issue constantly being swept under the rug.

Secretary of Judicial Council Candidate #2

Mikayla Sykes, Class of 2016

Major: Criminal Studies

Minor: Sociology

My name is Kayla Sykes and I am a Criminal Studies major in the Class of 2016. I have always been interested in the Criminal Justice system and why people act the way they do ever since I can remember. In elementary school, I was always the kid to call out on unfairness and wrongful acts. My stepfather often reminds me that I also tried to bring justice all around me, whether or not it meant that I would get in trouble.

I should be elected because I feel that I possess the leadership skills which have been gained from experience in leadership roles in SGA in middle school, academic teams in high school, and when I attended the National Youth Leadership Forum. I also believe the position of Judicial Council Secretary will further improve my ability to be a leader and this experience will encourage me when applying for possible Criminal Justice careers after Salem.

I don’t want to be a secretary who only takes notes. I want to be “that” secretary who is also a leader on campus who encourages her fellow sisters to live up to the standards of the Honor Code during their time here at Salem and even in the real world.

My favorite word is exhilarate with the Merriam-Webster definition of “to cause (someone) to feel very happy and excited.” This word became my favorite when I was 13 and had to put a lot of time and effort into memorizing it for the school-wide spelling bee. To help me remember this word, I thought of Hillary Clinton, with her name being very similar to the word. Though Ms. Hillary and I have different political points of view on multiple issues, she has always been a role model to me as a breakout character in the world of politics and government. She does not conform to society’s definition of women and encourages other young ladies to break out of the limits that society has placed on women to participate in male dominated fields. Hillary Clinton exhilarates me as she continues to succeed in a male dominant field, a field that I one day would like to enter. Therefore, exhilarate means a lot to me.

Though all the world issues concern me, the equality of the world’s people is something I think about the most. It pains me to see how people even in this country are considered “inferior” to others all because of their lifestyles. It’s also very disconcerting to learn about how women and children all around the world are manipulated to feel worthless about themselves and are forced to sell themselves like groceries.

President of CAB Candidate

Erica Shepperd-Debnam, Class 2015

Major: Biology

Minor: Chemistry

Hello! My name is Erica Shepperd-Debnam and I am running for CAB President. I believe that I should be elected because I have two years of experience in CAB. I have a huge passion for CAB and love to help and plan fun and innovative ways for the student body to enjoy Salem.

I would like to implement a welcome week in the beginning of the school year that will hopefully become an annual week of fun. Not only would we be welcoming our first-years to campus but also welcome back our returning students. Welcome week would be the official kick-off for the school year, with events to prepare you for a great school year!

My favorite word is FUN!! Because who doesn’t like to have fun? Even if you are stressed having 10 minutes of Fun will alleviate some of the stress of being an involved college student.

The homeless rate concerns me the most because it’s more than the homeless man who’s always on the same corner begging for money. Homelessness is more common than people think, and a friend or family member could be homeless living in their car and you wouldn’t even know it. There should be more organizations that help to decrease homelessness whether it be homeless shelter, transition homes, and/or rehab.

Vice-President of CAB Candidate

Shelby Rittman, Class of 2016

Majors: History and Race & Ethnic Studies

Minor: English

My name is Shelby Rittman and I am the current secretary for CAB. I would love to be elected because I truly have a passion for CAB. I love planning events and watching people enjoy them. I have put my heart and soul into CAB and making sure we plan the best events for our students. I have worked hard as secretary with the other CAB officers in rebuilding CAB into something wonderful this year. I love my CAB sisters but our work is not done. We had a good first year as a brand new CAB and I would like to continue the work we have done to ensure that Salem has the very best activities for our campus.

Last year in my speech I said I would like to accomplish two things. One, to have different events like Acafella Night, etc and Two, connect to schools in our area. Last year we had a successful Acafella Night with four surrounding schools (WSSU, UNCG, High Point, and NCSU). And we also made good connections with not only WSSU CAB Board but also with Meredith and Davidson’s CAB board. This up coming year I would like to see CAB reach out to Wake Forest and UNC School of the Arts CAB Board as well. I would also like to see the Salem students have a more active role in CAB as well.

My favorite word is sisterhood. Yeah I might sound really corny and predictable, especially since we attend a Women’s College. But I look at my other friends college friend’s at different colleges and I look at my friends at Salem and there is no comparison. These girls have become my sisters and I have only known them for a year and seven months. CAB has also become like a sisterhood to me. We fuss and fight all the time but I love those girls with all my heart. We are 5 different girls of different backgrounds, races and beliefs but we all love each other. Salem has accomplished so much in our 241 plus years through sisterhood. Look at what we have accomplished in four years through our sisterhood. Amazing huh?

Women and girls accepting media’s twisted view of beauty concerns me most. Society tells us that our hair has to be a certain way, our bodies cannot be too big or too small, and that we must erase our age. Girls possess so much power to change the world and our male dominated society knows this. Our individuality is what makes us powerful as a whole. If girls learned to reject what society and media tells us about beauty and start to define beauty for ourselves, we can really make a difference in this world. I’ll never forget when my little cousin told me that I was very beautiful and she wanted to look just like me because I was pretty and she wasn’t. She said “boys like girls like you” they don’t like girls like me. It hit me hard because I thought the same thing about myself. I also thought “Wow she is very pretty little girl. The guys are going to love her.” Realizing my mistake. I told her that beauty is not defined by how many guys like you or how popular your are. Beauty is you! You are the definition of beauty. I have a responsibility as a 20 year old woman to love and value myself for younger girls that are look up to me. I they see me reject these crazy standards. It might inspire others to do the same.

Secretary-Treasurer of CAB Candidate

Keva Kreeger, Class of 2016

Major: Anthropology (Receiving License to Teach)

I am a very active Salem student. I am a member of Fremdendienerin, the former Volunteer Coordinator for CAB, an intern in the Writing Center, the Dragon Lady for The Circle, an employee at The Gap, and a member of Committee on Community. I am busy, but next year I plan on taking a more focused role on CAB by moving up in its hierarchy. I am creating my own major at Salem, Anthropology, which speaks to my characteristics of hard working and creativeness. I enjoy being highly involved at Salem to better our community.

Campus Activities Board has been very diligent by bringing events every weekend to our campus this year. We are working to continue this trend next year, including more artists and even more eccentric weekend activities. I want to be a part of the plans CAB has in its upcoming year. All the influential and progressive steps we are making are to create a more open, inviting environment for students to invite friends to on the weekends. I want to implement these changes for our social community. I want to bring fun, exciting, and off campus events to you. Also, I will fully support mixers involved with other colleges in our surrounding areas. CAB is here to listen to our fellow peers and reply, and I love being a piece in such an important group on campus.

My favorite word, currently, has to be sincerity. Sincerity, in this day and age, does not have as much weight as it once did. Due to the combination of social media and most of our inadequacies to speak beyond technology to one another, sincerity has been lost. Yet, with CAB I believe that we are trying to create a genuine experience for our students. An event that connects our students together based on your wants and needs. Sincerity means a lot when planning an event for 1000 students, when our expectation is for only 100 people to show up. But with every event, we genuinely and sincerely create a night to let our friends and sisters escape and have a little stress relief. I think this sincerity speaks a lot to what we, in CAB, try to accomplish and something I highly prize.

Last year I spoke extensively on my belief in the global issue of LGBT rights. This world issue I still believe is highly important, but on a broader spectrum I believe our largest world issue is equality for all. Whether this equality is between the sexes, different sexual orientations, religious interests, race classifications, or socioeconomic classes, this inequality between people is a huge issue. Most of us spend our days in an ethnocentric mindset, centered on our personal wants, needs, and selfish actions. But maybe, if we all were to look outside of ourselves and appreciate each other with a sensitivity and interest in each other’s culture, our world may be a slightly better place. I have no answer to solving equality issues, but I do realize that my small part in empowering those who are different than me is very important in competing against the homogeny of inequality.

Fall Fest Chair Candidate #1

Qudsia Monique Ahmad, Class of 2016

Major: Psychology

Minor: English

As a sophomore at Salem College I have had the time to experience two Fall Fests and I have been very involved in both. Many people find Fall Fest to be a useless event, but I find this event to be crucial for the unity of our school. Though it is a competition between classes, I find that Fall Fest allows us to notice people we normally would not on campus. It is one of the only times we get to interact with the majority of the student population. When it comes to bonding with our own class it is also much needed. We learn the strengths and weakness of our classmates and are able make our class better by working with each others weaknesses and strengths. Personally, Fall Fest has always been a great time for me because I have had to work with people that I never had to work with before. Every Fall Fest I end up making many friends, friends that I know will last. Fall Fest is a big part of bringing our campus together.

I know in the past many people have been concerned with the involvement of all students. I would love to work with off-campus students, as well as Fleer students to insure they are getting the chance to experience Fall Fest as traditional on-campus students do.

I have also heard concerns from professors about Fall Fest disrupting the week. I would love to work with Deans and Professors to see what can be done to prevent Fall Fest from being eliminated in the future.

I want to make sure that students are abiding by the rules and that rules do not get in the way of students getting a full experience of Fall Fest.

I would also like to hold Fall Fest later on in the semester because I think the kick-off happens too early on in the year and people are too overwhelmed with other events on campus.

“nonsensical:” I chose this word because I think normally people take this word to be very serious and harsh. I disagree. Although I do think that people need to be sensible, I find that being nonsensical allows people to be more expressive.

A lack of any proper health care for people living in developing countries. Over January term I was interning in a hospital in Pakistan, where I saw the lack of resources. Even though this was one of the better hospitals in Pakistan there was not enough medicine, doctors, nurses and equipment for sanitation due to low income sources. In developed countries there is a surplus of medication that could be distributed through out the world. Medicine should be something equally accessible to all.

Fall Fest Chair Candidate #2

Emily Gilmore, Class of 2015

Major: Communication

Minor: Not for Profit & Music

Hello I’m Emily Gilmore and I should be elected as Fall Fest Chair because I love fall fest more than I love sleep! Fall fest is an opportunity to grow as a person and a class. I want to help create an unforgettable fall fest for all.

I would like to have an open meeting explaining fall fest to first years, transfers, off campus, and anyone who wants a refresher. This meeting would be the night before fall fest kick off. I would also like to replace the slime war with an improv challenge and a group picnic.

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is my favorite word because its a word to say when you have nothing else to say. It keeps people from sitting in silence and it inspires people to speak up. I firmly believe that everyone has something important to say and I want to hear it!

Water pollution is a major concern of mine because we all need clean water to survive. This issue affects all no mater if you are rich, poor, animal or human.

President of ONUA Candidate

Whitney Campbell, Class of 2015

Majors: Communications

Minors: Economics and Marketing

I should be elected because I enjoy showing my love and dedication at Salem through being an active student on campus and for me the next level to act upon this is SGA. After three years at Salem I feel equipped to represent the Salem student body as a member of Student Government Association.

I would like to see the following implemented:

  • Continue with the Open “town-hall” Forum
  • Thorough training for Student Reps
  • Student liaison/representative within Board of Directors
  • Open up social media “Suggestion Board”
  • Help to petition the drinking policy change, as well as other policies our populations wishes to change
  • Post the Alma mater on screen during town-hall meetings!

The sun because it is a provider of life that represents bright and new beginnings. “The sun does not shine for a few trees and flowers, but for the wide world’s joy.”

-Henry Ward Beecher

Any issue that affects a child’s education whether it be bullying, racism, classism, or abuse concerns me the most. It may be cliche but the children of today are our future they deserve to go to school and not have to be subject to mistreatment or discrimination of any kind.

President of Pierrettes Candidate

Natasha Walker, Class of 2015

Major: Exercise Science & Religion

I am Natasha Walker. I am a Junior that studies Exercise Science and Religion. I really like Pandas. My birthday twin is Starr Green (I am 15 mins older!). I wear bandanas often. I am currently the Historian of the Pierrettes and Co-stage manager for the musical Little Shop of Horrors. I have really enjoyed all the work that I have put into the productions and the club, and would like to continue bringing that enjoyment to others that want to be involved because thats most important.

This year the club started to organize everything in the prop/costume closet. I would like to continue this project so we can have more area in the closet and have a binder that contains all of our props/costumes. Since we have just started this project I would like to continue it and be 3/4 of the way done before I graduate next year. In order for this to happen though there would have to be a push for more club involvement. Great things can be achieved with more involvement.

Color. This is my favorite word because it is indescribable. You just can not have someone explain what a specific color looks like. Go ahead and try.

Education. Education is fundamental to every society and can help that society grow. If every society were to be educated correctly it could solve some other issues such as poverty, maybe even war. Everyone deserves the right to learn and it should not be stripped away from anyone.

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