The Green Fund: A Possible Step Towards a Sustainable Future

   You may have heard about the proposed Green Fund here at Salem. Many business, government agencies, and educational institutions have started similar programs to become more environmentally friendly and create a sustainable future. Now, with the Green Fund, Salem College may be joining this trend.

    The Green Fee would be included in the SGA fee at $20 per student. It would fund projects, programs, and research related to sustainability. Several possible projects have been proposed, such as an organic garden, a greenhouse, a bag share program to reduce plastic bag use, and a fertilizer and pesticide system lacking harmful chemicals. Such programs will improve the overall state of the environment. For example, a plan to replace paper towel dispensers with electric hand dryers would reduce carbon emissions by 70% every day.

    To put these projects into action, the Green Fund proposal also includes the formation of a Sustainability Council. Members of the council would include Salem College faculty, donors, possibly members of the community, as well as student representatives. A Sustainability Chair would be a new elected position for students. This council would oversee the use of funds and decide which projects to enact.

    Many other colleges and universities have introduced similar programs, including nearby Guilford College and Wake Forest University. Perhaps we will soon add our name to this growing list of sustainable campuses.

 By Shelby Hammerstein


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