New Professors Welcomed into the Salem Community – Part 2

Melissa Beeson:

    In search of a small school providing qualities similar to her own college experience, Dr. Melissa Beeson chose Salem College.

    “I went to a small school where my professors knew who I was. I liked the relationships. When I came here, I could sense the community. I saw students hugging their professors” and she knew this was the kind of place she was looking for.

    The Education department faculty and staff welcomed Beeson, and her students would meet with her outside of class, making her feel like she “belonged; I didn’t feel like an outsider. I felt like I had been here for a long time.”

    An alumni of Elon University, Beeson pursued Elementary Education in college because she “…had always wanted to teach. When I was a little girl, I played school, I admired my teachers.” Beeson taught as an elementary school teacher but realized that she desired to learn more, and discovered that she enjoyed working with future teachers, even as she draws upon her experience in teaching young children during class. “I never expected to teach at the college level,” she says.

Lisa Delise:

    An alumni of Tulane University, a result of the merging of the previously all-male institution and Newcomb College, a women’s college, Dr. Lisa Delise believed that “I thought there was no need for us to be separate. We’re all equal. Now I wish I had taken advantage of it because women could offer one another so much support and encouragement.” Delise currently teaches Business Statistics and Business ethics courses at Salem College.

    “I went to Tulane University as an undergrad and University of Tennessee for Grad school. I was a Psych Major.” She specialized in industrial and organizational psychology. In applying for Grad schools, she discovered that the University of Tennessee housed their Industrial and Organizational Psychology department in their College of Business Administration. Thus, Delise pursued a degree in Psychology with experience in business.

    “I liked the small class sizes and interacting with students. I thought it would be more fun and I thought it would be a better fit for me,” Delise says of Salem. “The students are interesting and engaged. I feel welcome.”

Diane Lipsett:

    Coming to Salem with a good impression from her friends, Salem Alum, and her husband, Dean Vinson, Dr. Lipsett entered Salem with great excited. Coming to Salem from UNCG and Wake Forest Divinity school, Salem was a much more intimate experience for her.

    So far she is highly impressed with the supportive environment of Salem College. She enjoys watching her students respond to various topics.

    During her time in college Lipsett, desired stimulating conversation with a large variety of people. She was apart of the honors program and the volleyball team in college. She received her Bachelors and first masters degree in English, but soon realized her passions for religion and received a second masters degree and a Ph.D. in religion.Has conducted research relating to the New Testament and is the author of Desiring Conversation:Hermas, Thecla, Aseneth, a literary analysis on the stories of Hermas, Thecla, and Aseneth.

    By Kristen Maikoo and Monique Ahmad


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