Salem College Dance Company Fall Concert

    Salem’s campus has been alive with performances and concerts this fall semester, including the Salem College Dance Company Fall Concert on November 21-23.

    “[It] was a tremendous success with 23 students involved, packed audiences, and wonderful choreography,” said Associate Professor and Director of Dance Heidi Echols. The concert included 5 dances, ranging in styles from ballet and jazz to African. The dances were choreographed by Heidi Echols, adjunct dance professor Melissa Pihos, and guest choreographers Jason K. Aryeh and Olivia Sledge.

    Sophomore Company dancer Kadijah Ward said her favorite dance was “Djealor Revisited,” by Aryeh. “This piece was challenging, but I learned a lot and grew as a dancer,” said Ward.

    Choreographer Sledge also commented, “It is always positive working with Heidi and the dancers. There is just a great bond.” Sledge choreographed “Steeped in Tradition: Homage to the Motherland Traditional West African Dance.”

    Echols added, “We always strive to allow Salem students to attend for free and love having students in the audience at each show!” Concert goer Sonya Hurtado said she enjoyed seeing her peers perform beautifully across the stage.

    The Salem College Dance Company spring concert will be May 8-10, 2014.

By Megan Taylor

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