The Right Key

    Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has recently appointed world-renowned pianist Lang Lang as a Messenger of Peace. Such awards are given to talented individuals in film, music, art, and literature who, throughout their careers and successes, promote U.N.-related humanitarian ideals. The Cat Concerto prodigal joins actor Michael Douglas and musician Stevie Wonder – to name only a few – bestowed with the honor.

    It may come as no surprise that Lang Lang has been a Goodwill Ambassador for 10 years with UNICEF, promoting healthcare and education for children worldwide. “Lang Lang connects people not only through his music, but also through his passion…” says Mr. Ki-Moon as he and Lang eagerly prepare to implement his Global EducationFirst Initiative. Mr. Lang will now help to ensure that 57 million children and counting will have a presence in the classroom relying on the note that education is the key to progress.

By Maegan Davis

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