Professor Spotlight: Dr. Young

    Paula Young, developing her natural talent, had no trouble deciding her math major. Along with her interest in math, Young fell in love with physics and continued to take various physics courses during her time at college. Young spent her college years working full-time in addition to being a member of Eco Club, various Honors Societies, and admissions (similar to Fremdendienerin).

    Whilst moving on to complete her PhD, she was given the opportunity by her professors, the original authors of Finite Mathematics, to co-author a revised version of their textbook. Having to please her professors, publishers, and buyers this, textbook took up three and half years of her life, making it one of her biggest achievements.  Her hard work paid off when she graduated from Arkansas University with a PhD in Mathematics.

    An eager PhD graduate, Young entered the work field with three thousand other mathematicians. She decided to apply to only 31 jobs and wrote individual letters for each application. She received 6 responses, unlike her colleagues who often received none, and turned down 2 interviews on the spot. Not wanting to work at just any educational institution, Young decided upon Salem in 1993 for its focus on academics and its dedicated students.

    Young has remained at Salem because of her inspirational students, whom she enjoys seeing grow into impactful individuals. In order to help her students understand the value of math in all fields of work, Young conducted research in her earlier years to assist students see that a math degree opens many doors. She continued her research by bringing mathematical technology into the classroom.

    Dr. Young is truly a devoted professor; she cares for the future of her students. She chooses to stay at Salem, not for the money, but for the love of her students. Young reminds her students that math does not limit a person but lets one find a successful career in any path they wish to take.

    Thank you, Dr. Young, for helping make Salem College a greater community and a better place to be educated.

By: Monique Ahmad


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