International Dinner Succeeds Universally

    The International Club hosted its annual International Dinner on November 2nd to the enjoyment of Salem students, their families, and members of the community. The dinner guests experienced appetizers, main dishes, desserts, and beverages from around the world. Each dish was made by a student in the International Club. Some foods were more familiar to the average American , like baklava from the Middle East or cucumber sandwiches from the United Kingdom. Others were new to guests, like yu xiang qiezi, an eggplant dish from China, or vaso de fruta, fruit with lime juice and chili powder from Mexico.

    The dinner also featured dance arts, including a traditional Irish slip jig and a blend of Indian, Hispanic, and Arabic dance. The Indian, Hispanic, and arabic group decided that in the spirit of the International Dinner, they would mix the types of dance and music to create a universal concept of dance. “I felt really connected to these cultures through these dances because of the different  movements that have different connotations,” said Misbah Khan, a first year student who performed in the dance. Gisella Carreon, another dancer, looks forward to performing it again.

    The International Club would like to thank the volunteers who made the event possible: the faculty, students, others who supported it, and especially Monica Boyd and her extensive help.

 By: Shelby Hammerstein

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