The Skinny on Salem/Wake Forest Cross-Registration

    If you are a Salem college student looking to add a Wake Forest class to your schedule, please read on!

    As much as we love our school, we realize that our intimate class sizes and close-knit community comes with a price: limited course offerings. Fortunately, due to our ability to cross-register at Wake Forest, we really can have it all! So how does one actually go about this cross-registration business? Since it’s not detailed in the course catalogue or Salem website, I figure it’s about time somebody published a quick and easy tutorial.

    1. You decide you want to take a course that is not offered at Salem (e.g. special topics, journalism, any world language that is not French or Spanish) OR you have a required course that is impossible to fit in your schedule.

    2. Locate course title and number and find the professor’s contact information. Email is best. A link to the WFU Academic Bulletins can be found on The Salemite’s WordPress.

    3. List the course number on your registration card.

    4. Print out a cross-registration form, fill it out, and have it signed by the department chair and your advisor. If there is no department chair at Salem for the course you want to take, the Dean of Undergraduate Studies can sign off for you.

    5. Over the summer or winter break, email the Wake professor and let them know you are a Salem student interested in taking their class next semester. Express your enthusiasm for their course subject, and be humble when you ask for a place. Keep in mind that all WFU students, including freshmen, get dibs on the class before you do. You may need the prof to make an exception for you if the class comes to be full.

    6. If the professor is responsive, ask about the books needed for the course. Go ahead and order them. After this point, you are still not technically enrolled, but you are basically guaranteed a spot.

    7. Show up for the first class of the semester. After this class, have the professor either write a handwritten note or an email verifying that they will allow you to be enrolled in their course. The note should either be delivered or sent to the cross-registrationliaison at Wake. Simply ask the Salem Registrar, and they will point you in the right direction.

    8. Congratulations! You are now officially enrolled in your Wake class. However, you still have one more step to go. You need a WFU email and a Sakai account! This is how Wake profs disperse information, post grades, etc. It’s basically their version of Moodle/mysalem combined. To do this, you will need to go to The Bridge, which is located in the ZSR library. If you go through the main entrance. keep going straight and take a right just before the big staircase up to the Wilson wing. You’ll see The Bridge to your left and a bunch of study tables to your right.

    9. Go ahead and treat yourself to a fancy caffeinated beverage at Starbucks on your way out of ZSR. After navigating all of that bureaucracy, you deserve it!

*Note, you must be able to provide your own transportation to Wake.

By Sara Otero

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