Summer Flings: Sexy Suzy Wants Your Take!

Hey Salem! Summer has ended and so has our break. It’s getting colder outside so let’s start heating this up.

While our relationship took a breather, maybe you started seeing other people. That’s ok, but now that you’re back, I want you to dish. Is summer lovin’ a good idea? Flings can be fun, but do they make you overlook your typical deal-breakers? Did you get sand in weird places?

Maybe you spent your summer lovin’ on the most important person in your life, yourself. Long romantic evenings of binging on Netflix and sweet, sweet days working a summer job or internship to pad your resume and bank account. Maybe you did nothing at all. But take it from me, summer can get boring without a little excitement, and warm weather months are the perfect time to relax, forget about schoolwork, and have a little fun.

Summer flings can essentially be defined as short term casual relationships, no strings, no big commitments. They can be a fun binge that you normally wouldn’t indulge in, but do they leave you with a bit of a hangover? And sometimes people say one thing and mean another. Have you or your summer partner ever wanted to not just hook up, but settle down, and hoped that sex would get you there?

I want to hear your thoughts and stories Salem, and I don’t want to exclude all the folks who spent their summers skyping their long distance partners or being busy with other parts of life, so if any of you have ideas or suggestions, let me know. I’m waiting to hear from you.


Sexy Suzy


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