Hooking Up With Sexy Suzy

All right Salem, here we go: round two.  We got pretty close last time, I think it’s time we DTR’d (defined the relationship). But maybe you’re not ready for that conversation, maybe it’s too soon. So why don’t we just keep things casual, non-committal for a while ’till we’re sure this is something we’re both invested in? In the mean time we can hook up, right?

“Hooking-up” a phrase that basically defines the sexual college experience. It’s actually a fairly new term, not used commonly until the 2000s. The funny thing about this term is that it doesn’t actually have a solid definition. In fact, you might be thinking of “hooking up” as something totally different than what I’m talking about. For some, this can be a problem. If Suzy just wants to “hook up” and is making goo goo eyes at you all night and it turns out that she just wants to cuddle, things can get confusing.  Forget about getting continuity in a story, you might say hookup and they might hear sex or making out or any number of sexual activities, really. Let’s think of this in the context of Salem College. There’s a lot of hooking up going on at Salem, it’s college, not a big deal (though some would argue otherwise). But sometimes, hookups might want more or sometimes they change. The line between relationship and bed buddy can often be blurry. So how do you figure it all out? Why is it all so confusing? And when it comes to Salem, is hooking up SLUG behavior or all in good sex?

Here’s the thing, I can’t really answer any of these questions for you. I am me and you are you. WE might have some things in common but it’s likely that we differ in opinion on some things and I’m going to bet some of those things are sexual. SO, how does this fit in the grand scheme of things? What does this hookup culture mean to our generation?  Is it the end of dating or is it just an evolved version? What are the rules? Here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to ask YOU to answer these questions for me. I want to know what Salem thinks. What do you think? Wanna hook up with me?


Sexy Suzy


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