Meet Sexy Suzy


Let’s talk about sex, Salem. Let’s get down and dirty with what is for most of us our favorite conversation topic. But first, let me set a few ground rules, or boundaries, if you will, before we start our sexual relationship. This is not a Cosmo article. I’m not going to talk about the best head you can give or the craziest positions you can try. This also isn’t the sex talk your mother gave you or a new edition of The Care and Keeping of You. This is real sex information for all of the Sexy Suzy’s at Salem. I’ll be giving you something to think about every week. However, like any sexual relationship, it’s not all going to be one-sided. I wanna hear from you! Let’s get things going; talk to me! Communication is probably the most important part of sex. Sex is a language. Through moans, groans, bites, kisses, grabs, thrusts and yeses (oh! the yeses!!) one person can communicate to another a world of possibilities.

Interested, Salem? I hope so, because you’ll be hearing a lot from me. So here’s how it’s going to work: I’ll be posting on The Salemite every other Sunday. But like I said, I can’t do this all on my own. Send me your sex questions or ideas for articles and you’ll get an answer either in one of my articles OR I’ll shoot you a tweet via The Salemite twitter (@SalemCoSalemite — you might want to start following them, they’ve got a lot of cool stuff to say). The Sundays that I don’t post articles will be when all of your sex-quiries will be answered.

Are you ready? Check back next Sunday for your first taste of Sexy Suzy. Until then I’ll leave you shivering with antici…



Sexy Suzy

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