Student Leadership Awards 2012

Sara Otero, c/o 2014 and Whitney Pritchard, c/o 2012

On Wednesday night, the Salem community gathered to recognize the varied accomplishments of its students at the 2012 Student Leadership Awards Banquet. The long-awaited Student Government Association election results started off the evening’s recognitions.

President: Christina Johnson

Vice President: Cassie Hardy

Secretary: Shelby Oldham

Treasurer: Hannah Greenwald

Honor Council Chair: Lindsey Herman

Judicial Council Chair: Katie McMahon

Honor Council Secretary: Layne Poplin

Judicial Council Secretary: April Eaker

CAB President: Sarah Goscinski

CAB Vice President: Cierra Young

CAB Secretary: Erica Shepperd-Debnam

CAB Treasurer: Shericka Usher

CAB Volunteer Coordinator: Taylor Edwards

Pierettes President: Miracle Thomas

ONUA President: Chelsea Jackson

Fall Fest Chair: Anu Patel

Following SGA results, awards based on nominations from theSalemcommunity were announced.

Jess Byrd Scholar of the Year: Samantha Hubbard

Publications Excellence Award: Jenni Swarthout

Pierettes Award: Alex Carreiro and Vera Gies

Class Spirit Award: WrenWilson(c/o 2012), Emily Abel (2013), Anu Patel (2014), Nataly Mojica (2015)

Fleer Center Spirit Award: John Johnson, Judy Dearborn, Rose Brown, Tameicka Clear, Shirley Ervin, Brent Neuenschwander, Andrea Parker, Tia Buster, Kimberly Walser

FleerCenterLeadership Award: Jenny Barker, Melissa Peller, Angela Wilson

ODK Emerging Leader Award: Kayla Campbell

LeaderShape Representatives 2012: Nataly Mojica, April Eaker

Women’s Wellness Inspiration Award: the production of For Colored Girls

Clark Thompson Community Service Award: Keren Salim

Carroll Lennon Residential Life Leadership Award: Sara Maher

Ann McPherson Weaver Community Relations Award: Sara Otero

Sarah Covington Fulcher Leadership Award: Roody Volcy

Congratulations to all Salem leaders!

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