A change in SGA?

Sara Otero, c/0 2014

If there is one thing Salem students have in common, it is their unerring love for doughnuts. If you were one of the approximately 50 students who attended the first-ever optional SGA Town Hall Meeting this Tuesday, you know that the raffle winners went home with a $5 Mayberry gift card instead of the customary Krispy Kreme dozen. Apart from this notable change, there was no apparent difference in the format of the meeting, which students were promised by SGA members at the previous meeting in November.

The alma mater was still sung poorly yet enthusiastically, organizations and individuals made announcements, and Wren Wilson made yet another awesome video. The lackluster Town Hall transformation hasn’t discouraged students like Keren Salim. “SGA meetings are always something that I enjoy because they allow me to reconnect with my Salem sisters and find out what’s happening on campus,” says an optimistic Keren.

SGA President Love’ Lemon was encouraged by the student presence at the meeting and assured The Salemite that “the new format is better.”

Meanwhile, sophomore Elise O’Neil disappointedly exclaimed, “I wanted doughnuts!” Senior and star of the Wren Wilson Company production Kirby Callaway observed that when doughnuts are awarded “an entire group of friends wins.” The Salemite expresses its hope that Salem sisters will one day be as united in matters of governance as they are in matters of fried doughy goodness.

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