An Academic Throwdown of Epic Proportions

Lauren Poole, c/o 2013

This past Wednesday, Sigma Tau Delta, Salem College’s English honor society, held their annual Student-Faculty Jeopardy. Five professors and six students faced off over categories including “In this Year in History,” “Celebrity Baby Names,” “Sunday Comics” and “Finish the Disney Quote.” Team “F  Word” consisted of Dean Ljungquist, Dr. Brown, Anna Boyer, and Jessica Goodard; Dr. Prosterman, Fareena Bacchus, and Meghan McMullen were on “The Tea Party”; and Dr. Zehr, Dr. Windsor, Kayleigh Heubel, and Lauren Poole made up Team “Johnny Depp.”

Highlights of the evening included Dean Ljungquist’s knowledge of the Peace of Westphalia and Dr. Windsor’s ability to complete a Leap Year poem. Dr. Brown displayed a vast knowledge of the Food Network, and Dr. Prosterman revealed an affinity for Captain America. Although The Tea Party was the early leader, Dr. Zehr’s domination of the “Female Playwrights” category during Double Jeopardy allowed Johnny Depp to pull ahead, and they maintained their lead for the remainder of the competition. The Final Jeopardy question about the Academy Awards was quite a stumper (in case you are wondering, cinematographer Hal Mohr is the only Oscar recipient to win without being officially nominated ), and the teams drew blanks across the board. The final score was 0-0-814, with victory going to Johnny Depp!

STD would like to thank all audience members and participants for another wonder Jeopardy event!

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