A Note to Students

Hello all,

As the year wraps up, The Salemite would like to bring up a few things.

Good luck with exams, papers, labs, portfolios, and projects. You are so close! We know you are stressed, but take a few minutes to look around you and appreciate the atmosphere that is Salem. You have a family here among your professors, administrators, and, most importantly, your sisters.

Every year, our sisterhood is shaken . Things happen, and people act. Our level of activism is fantastic, so long as it is done properly. Attacks against your Salem sisters are not proper, in any way. When you agree to join the Salem community, you are becoming more than a part of an academic institution. You are now a part of a family. What hurts one member hurts us all, and we need to remember this.

Over the year, The Salemite has received comments and article submissions from various members of the Salem community. It has chosen to print most of these, but not all. We remain the uncensored voice of Salem, but we will not stand for anything that goes against our fellow students. We do not accept personal attacks. We do not accept “ism’s.” We do not accept stereotyping, labeling, or grouping. We do not accept any action that singles out a member of the Salem community based on her background or beliefs. We do not stand for cyber bullying. We do not stand for harassment, stalking, or any form of abuse. We stand for the Salem community, and the Salem community stands for none of these things.

The Salemite hopes the faculty, administration, and student body will also choose to take this stand. We hope you voice your opinion, either on The Salemite or in your own way. Use your voice, but use it well.

Have a great summer. We hope we’re a part of it.

The Salemite

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