#TrendingOnTwitter: America’s Priorities

The French government publicly acknowledged threats broadcast Friday by the Arabic broadcast network Al Jazeera. The audio message, attributed to al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, threatened violence against hostages if France refused to withdraw its approximately 4000 troops from Afghanistan. Though al Quada is currently holding at least seven French citizens and several other captives, including aid workers, have been recently killed, the French government affirmed its determination to maintain troop presence.

President Obama’s 2011 State of the Union address will occur Tuesday, January 25. This particular State of the Union, or “SOTO” on Twitter, is making headlines not solely because of anticipated content, but for seating arrangements. A CNN poll has found that seven in ten Americans want members of Congress to sit together, rather than separated by party, as is traditional. One year since Republican Rep. Joe Wilson’s now-famous “You lie!” explosion in the middle of an Obama health care speech, many people are wondering what integrated seating could mean for Congressional decorum.

As of now, these topics are trending in the United States on Twitter in seventh and tenth place, respectively.

Antoine Dodson became famous for a local television appearance, where he was interviewed regarding an attempted break-in and rape at his home. The interview was turned into a remixed song, which now boasts an astounding 67.5 million Youtube views and has appeared on the Billboard Hot 100. Internet memehood at its finest.

“Antoine Dodson” is trending third.

And trending first (not including the sponsored trend, of course)?


whohim_heHOT tweets “#iwannaslap the ppl at te gas stations that can’t speak English. I said 20 on 4 not “plenty more” how the hell u get that from that”

alexa_ndria tweets “#iwannaslap everyone who doesn’t love snooki :)”

And the Top Tweet. NotChrisRock is perhaps the most aware of political issues, tweeting “#iWannaSlap Bin Laden for being greedy. I know he has some fine hoes wit him. I bet they give that bomb head too #GoodSex”

My first day on Twitter, and I’m proud to say I feel truly informed about my country’s priorities, at last: Internet meme remixes, the Jersey Shore, and Osama bin Laden’s sex life.

But Salemites, there is still hope for America. Trending tenth place now (for about thirty seconds before being knocked down by #thingsthatpissmeoff): God.


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