Men Can Stop Rape

As I have said many times before: feminism fights for equality for everyone, not just for women. There are misconceptions out there about the traditional roles for men, not just women. For example: Men, did you know you should never cry? You have to always be the bread-winner? Staying at home with the children makes you less of a man? Being homosexual makes you not a man at all? Lest my words be taken out of context as were Shirley Sherrod’s, let me state for the record that none of these are in any way true, nor have they ever been. Also, for the record, I wasn’t comparing myself to Shirley Sherrod at all.

Let me add that I do have one problem with the organization’s name. The name “Men Can Stop Rape” and their commitment to promoting gender equity and preventing violence against women is terrific. But, it also implies that women (those who are “biologically” women and who self-identify as women) are the only victims of rape, as opposed to the reality of rape being an issue for all populations and one that should be confronted globally. Indeed, they do seem intent upon relying upon traditional delineations of gender (this is a woman and this is a man) versus the spectrum that includes gender-bending and transgender individuals. That said, I still think this is a stellar website and that there are many “young men” out there who should come into contact with this organization. I wonder, though, if they only work with young men. If so, do they think that older men who already conform to the roles that they seek to diminish are beyond help? Discuss?

Peace and love (for all),


Note: this post also appears in Destiney’s blog, the Ultimate Pop and Cerebral Culture Phile.

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